FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (and answers)

What can we see on these virtual sightseeings?

We show you the must see sights of the city, but also some hidden gems. We give you some insider tips. Along the famous streets, squares and buildings of Budapest we also take you to a cozy café, cult-ruin bar and to beautiful courtyards. We also take a ride by the underground railway, visit some famous thermal baths and admire contemporary Street Art. Most tours are 45-75 minutes long, so you can sit through them comfortably on your couch in front of the tv (not 2-3 hours like offline sightseeing tours where you actually walk with the guide)

Are these tours live?

No: the tours and programs have pre-recorded. This way we can avoid bad weather interfering and our guests can take the tours any time they want. We can also provide much better sound- and video quality and we can offer more affordable prices than for a live guiding.

For how long/how many times can I watch the videos?

The videos are available for 48 hours from the moment on when they were first started. Within this timeframe there is no limitation on how many times one can watch, pause or restart them.

How many tours are available on the website?

At the beginning (December 2020) 8 tours are available.

What format/resolution are the videos in?

The tours are recorded in 16:9 (30 fps) videos in HD quality, so that they are enjoyable on PC, television screen and on a smartphone as well. We recorded the tours on our own (not a professional filming team) because we wanted a real-life experience-like virtual tour, not a usual travel movie.

What are the technical requirements for watching the videos?

The videos are embedded in our website. To watch them you only need internet connection and a web browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.). You can watch the movies on smartphone, tablet, smart tv and of course on the monitor of a computer.

Which package is the best for me?

The smallest package with two tours is more like a little taste - if you really want to gt to know Budapest, we recommend the package with 5 or 8 tours.

How do I book a package?

Just choose "Booking a tour package" from the Menu, fill out your information and choose the best package for you. Please don't forget to click the "I'm not a robot" checkbox at the bottom!

I bought a smaller package, but I would like to watch more sightseeings. Is it possible to upgrade?

Yes, you can do it easily. Please book another package (bigger than the current), give the same name and email address as by the previous booking, then click "UPGRADE" on the booking form. You will only be invoiced for the difference between the prices of the two packages.

I booked a package. How can I watch the videos?

We will send you the invoice for the price of your booking within 48 hours, that you can pay for by bank transfer or PayPal. After receiving the payment, within 24 hours the system will send you a code to log in to the site where you can watch the videos. If you haven't received our e-mails please check your spam folder, if you can't find them there either, please send us an e-mail to info@budapestonlinetours.com.

I booked a package of 5 tours. When do I have to decide which are the 5 videos I would like to see?

After you've logged in to the site of the videos with the code we sent you, you can pick the tours you'd like to watch one by one. You don't have to decide upfront, which videos you'd like to watch when booking a package. However once you choose a video to play, you can not change that to another!

How can I redeem my Tour Voucher?

When booking a tour or program on the website www.safetourbudapest.com you have to give the code found on the Tour Voucher. This will lower the price to be paid by the value of the voucher.

I'm a travel agent and I would like to cooperate with you. Who should I contact?

Please contact us at info@budapestonlinetours.com in e-mail - thank you!